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designer communion dress shown is pearl bonanza

Some events happen once in a lifetime such as a girl’s first communion.  If your daughter (or godchild) is making her first communion we hope you will look at the designer communion dresses from A Little Indulgence.

As the self proclaimed Chief Princess of A Little Indulgence, I’d like to explain why our designer communion dresses are so special.  First they are designed to look stylish and never out of fashion.  How many of us have looked back on pictures from our childhood special occasions and laughed (or perhaps cried) at what we were wearing. I believe that good design is never out of fashion.  When we create a new designer communion dress we ask ourselves how the dress will look 30 years from now.  If the thought doesn’t make us feel good we go back to the design stage and rework the communion dress.

Secondly our designer communion dresses are made from luxurious natural fabrics like silk and cotton.  These natural fabrics breathe and are more comfortable than synthetic fabrics.  We believe the last thing that you want is to have an uncomfortable child squirming in her pew during the entire ceremony.  Our natural fabrics also help mothers who want to preserve the communion dress for other children.  Natural fabrics hold up over time when taken care of properly.  Many of our designer communion dresses feature beautiful embellishments that make the outfits special and one-of-a-kind.  We love pearls because they are so classic and timeless.  We use crystal beads to create sweet, youthful designs that sparkle.

Finally, we asked young ladies what they thought about our designer communion dresses and accessories.  We made changes to our dresses based upon what they thought.  We eliminated designs, we added more sparkle, we changed fabrics just to name a few things.  All of these little details allow us to say that our designer communion dresses are quite special and help make the occasion into a cherished memory.